Sunday, November 21, 2010

Day 8: Kauai

A place I've visited...

also known as the Garden is the epitome of a paradise!!

We were here almost exactly 3 years ago!! It was such a fun vacation! We did a lot of swimming and boogy boarding in the ocean, and drinking Lava Flows!! Yummmm:) I can't wait to go back here one day!!

walking/crawling on the beach!

The whole clan

We kayaked in this river to get to a hidden waterfall! Lucky for me, I got paired up with Julie for the kayak ride and lets just say we weren't having the best of days...and I have erased the kayaking experience from my memory!

hiking to this hidden waterfall, after kayaking for a few hours!! The water fall was soo definitely made up for the kayaking!

How cool are those mountains!?! Cool Fact: Lost, Jurassic Park, Avatar, and King Kong are just a few of the movies filmed on this Island!!



  1. Oh such great memories!!!! We NEED to do this again soon!

  2. We do!! And Mom you are wayyy behind on the 15 day challenge!! Better get going!!