Friday, November 19, 2010

Day 6

Today's post is a song that makes me cry...and anyone that spends enough time around me knows that the better question is what song doesn't make me cry!!

I have loved music ever since I can remember, I took piano for 13 years and I'm still playing when I find the time:) and spent my junior high and high school days singing in choral ensembles, jazz choir and taking vocal lessons at a voice studio! I love to sing and love to hear music of any kind! My parents are both musically talented, they both sing and play the piano and my dad plays the guitar and my mom plays the picollo! So we have all been encouraged to play an instrument, most of us play the piano, and Dallin plays the violin! Music is always heard in my house, wether it be the piano, the guitar or the violin!!

Music touches my soul in ways that words simply cannot. Most hymns can make me cry and the primary songs have also been known to bring tears to my eyes, so church songs are exempt from this post! Now to pick one song that makes me cry...

To Build A Home - The Cinematic Orchestra

In the past few months I've listened to this song a lot, and when I feel sad I listen to it. But it has a beautiful melody and I love the instrumental parts! I have a loooong list of other songs I love and that make me cry or that help calm and soothe me when I'm crying, but I'll spare you all haha!

Download this song if you don't know it, and listen to it! And listen to music everyday, especially inspiring and uplifting music! It will seriously make your day a better one:)


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