Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I never thought I'd say this...

I graduate in exactly 1 MONTH from today! I am so excited to be done school but I am feeling so sad to be leaving this place that I have called home for 2 years!! When I first got to Harlingen, Texas all I could think about was LEAVING Harlingen!! But I've grown to love it and the people who have made me feel so at home here! It's going to be very bitter sweet when I leave this place in a month :(

Last week was our spring break and Kaitlin and I wrote the American National Board Exam in San Antonio on the monday of spring break! It was a doozy!! It took us 3 hours in the morning to do Part A and 3 hours in the afternoon to do Part B. We were the first girls to write it in our class and we were glad to have it done with so we could enjoy the rest of our spring break! Now we just have to write the Canadian Board Exam in a few months and we will be Registered Dental Hygienists!!! Too weird!! I can honestly say I have never studied so much in my entire life than I did for that test! My mind was crammed to maximum capacity with Anatomy and Physiology, Radiology, Immunology, Pharmacology, Periodontology, yaddi get the picture. I'm just glad it's over!

After our exam was over Becca and Mat met us in SA to celebrate on the River Walk! We had an awesome dinner and then went for a boat ride on the river!

The next day we headed to SEA WORLD!! It was so fun! We went on lots of fun roller coasters and saw 3 amazing shows and saw lots of animals...pretty much a perfect day in my books!

Here are some pics of our San An trip! I just LOVE this city, I could live there any day!

Yes that's a baby killer whale!! Her name is Sakari and that's her momma with her! The trainers told us that some shows the baby decides to follow her mom and do all her tricks!! Lucky us she decided to make an appearance! I'm in love!

Later Days!