Friday, March 26, 2010


Weeks are SERIOUSLY going by like days!!! It's crazy!!

Last week was spring break for TEXAS!! So we went on a roadtrip to San Antonio and Dallas (we even visited Oklahoma!)
So last friday right after my radiology class and lab we got in the car and drove to San Antonio and stayed with our favorite San Antonio friends John, Kevin and Joe!!! They are such nice guys and are always down for letting us crash at their house and entertain us while we're there!!

The crew minus Joe:(

Next we drove to Fort Worth to visit My Aunt and Uncle and their kids Margeret and Allen. They were so fun to hang out with and very entertaining even when they weren't trying to be!! My Aunt Colleen is a CLONE of my Grandma Davidson and although she was so kind to us, the few days that we stayed there it made me VERY grateful for my "go with the flow" mom!!

Allen, Margeret, Aunt Colleen, Me

The next day we went to Six Flags Over Texas which features one of the largest roller coasters in the United States and the biggest in Texas!! For many a roller coaster is not a big deal, but I am NOT a roller coaster person! So when we got out of the car the very first thing you saw was the massive rollercoaster and Kaitlin and I quickly let everyone know that we would not be riding it. It went something like this:
Shannon: You guys we HAVE to do that roller coaster, its the biggest in Texas!!
Kaitlin: There is no way I'm getting on that thing.
Maryn: Yeah, no way! You couldn't pay me to go on that!

... 2 hours later we're in the stupid line to get on that terrifying ride!!

Just some facts about The Titan. It takes you up 30 some stories and then drops you at a mere 85 miles per hour!!!!
Needless to say I actually enjoyed the ride minus the drop and I probably won't ever do it again:)

yes I went on that:)

The next day we were lucky enough to go to the Dallas temple in the morning with a local ward. It was a really cool experience:)

On wednesday we did some more Dallas tourist things and then headed an hour north of Dallas to Ashton's who is a girl we met from our hygiene class! She is such a sweet girl and we fell in love with her cute little puppy bentley within a matter of weeks when we first got to Harlingen! Her family was so fun to be with, I could sit and listen to them talk for hours!! They live in deep Texas country and they have the accents to prove it!!

Ashton's town sign. We started at the BOTTOM of Texas and made it allll the way to the TOP!!

Us with Ashton and her Parents Rustly and Gail and of course BENTLEY (minus her Brother Asa)

Their BEAUTIFUL home on hundreds on acres of land!!

On our last night we drove to OKLAHOMA to go to Doug's Peach Orchard! There were no peaches there:( BUT it is right on the red river so we had some catfish, and that was very good!!

On our way home from Dallas, we stopped in Austin to visit Shannon's cousin Joni who just had a baby! He was sooo cute and had soo much hair!! I miss babies!! They just melt me completely!!!

Who could resist that little face and all his hair!!

We also went to the San Antonio Temple, but I look like a wet rat in that picture so I will spare you all and not post it:) But it was again such a neat experience!! There are so many other things I could mention that we did, but this post is long enough already!! It was such a fun week and this past week has been very busy with school wrapping up!! I really cannot understand where all the time is going!! I am home again in 31 days and it's me and Russell's birthday in 6!!! Life is good:)

I love this picture with the old fashion gas pumps

Monday, March 8, 2010

Just a few perks:)

Somedays I really wonder what I've gotten myself into being a Dental Hygiene student!! After a day in clinic of vigorously scraping crap off peoples teeth you have to wonder why anyone likes this job! But after every patient I learn a little more and somedays I feel like Im actually starting to get it and other days I think I'm back at square one!! But tonight shannon was complaining of some sensitivity around her premolar we whipped out some fluoride varnish and got to work on those sensitive spots! And let me tell you that stuff works like magic! So yes some perks of being a dental hygiene student is we are never short of free samples of Crest Pro Health tooth brushes, tooth paste, mouth rinse, floss, fluoride and polish!!

It would be alot easier to clean people's teeth if they could all lay on my lap like this! I wish!!

Friday, March 5, 2010


So we decided Pete looks awfully lonely in his tank so we brought a little girly friend home today.
Her name is LOLA. She is so tiny and cute! But Pete decided to be a BIG BULLY and attacked her when we put her in the tank with him. So now we have two fish in two separate bowls. I am not impressed with Pete right now.
Turns out Japanese Fighting Fish are the least compatible fish known to man!! They are almost always aggressive and they don't mix well with other fish especially their own kind. (Should have done my research before we bought another 2 dollar fish!!)

Moral of the story is don't be like these silly fish and be all pretty on the outside but secretly have a sucky personality!!