Wednesday, October 27, 2010

She's on her way!!

Eeeeekkk I'm going to pick up my mom from the airport in 2 hours!!!
I am a LITTLE too excited!! I just cannot wait to spend a few days with her!
It's going to make the next 42 days go WAY fast!!!


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today's the day!!

Today's the day!! the sun is shining!! The tank is clean!!!
(Finding Nemo anyone??)

I really feel like this suits my day today!! Today IS the day of the primary presentation!! The sun really IS shining!! And my apartment is CLEAN!!!

So my weekend went a little something like this... friday I was in class from 8:00Am to 3:00PM I forgot what that feels like since I haven't been in high school for a year now...and let me tell you, I don't miss it! That was exhausting! After class Kaitlin and I did some pilates...(my abs still hurt.) and then we watched a movie and lounged on the couch till about 7! Then we drove to Donna and went to a corn maze!

And I'm not gonna lie, I've never really loved corn mazes...reason being that the first 10 minutes are fun you're running through corn, everyone's laughing having a great time but after that it's just torture! Because all you want to do is...GET OUT! And then the next 45 minutes it takes to find the exit is just exhausting! But it was still fun and they had an entire texas fall festival going at the same time...too cute! I love fall!! Nothing beats fall colours! My perfect world would premanently be Texas fall!

So after that we sat at sonic and downed some lemon berry slushes, if you haven't experienced the wonder of a lemon berry slush I suggest you make that happen next time you're near a sonic;)

THEN saturday morning rolled around and we had to be up at 7: 30 to go volunteer at a housing community park! Yesterday was NATIONAL MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY!! So if you didn't try to make a difference yesterday maybe try doing something this week! Go volunteer somewhere for a few hours, pick up trash or give will do more for you than the people you're serving!! So we painted a park, and a basketball court, and planted trees till Noon. It was cool to see so many people from the Harlingen community and TSTC come and help out for a good cause!

I took me a good hour to get yellow paint out of my hair, off my skin and out of my FAVE lulu shorts:( Then it was off to get some cupcake mix and go laminate stuff for primary!! (I loooove my calling but it has seriously taken over my saturday afternoons) Oh and the cupcakes are for my primary kids! I know they're gonna do great today! I'm probably going to cry when we sing our last gets me every time!

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleeeaaaning!! I LOVE to clean!! It's the ultimate therapy:)
and nothing makes me feel better than being in a freshly cleaned house...ahhh:)

Anyways this post is long already so I'll wrap up...we watched the first harry potter last night, we're trying to watch them all before the first installment of the 7th movie comes out!! Who else is as excited for that movie as I am?!?!??!

buuuttt...I fell asleep about 15 minutes in. So here I am, it's a BEAUTIFUL sunday morning!! And we're just about to head over to Matt's for sunday waffles!!! Yummm:)

After church today we're going to the's Sand Castle days...these sand castles are UNREAL!! I'll take pics and post them later!!!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

531240 seconds...


You may or may not already know this by my frequent (probably annoying) facebook status updates that my MOM is coming to visit me in ONE WEEK or 531240 seconds!!!

I am sooo excited for her to come down!! She is coming with my Aunt Julie and they are going to stay a few days so they can both be patients in clinic for me!! Yay!!! I'm actually kind of nervous to clean my mom's teeth! Like what if I hurt her?? My patients tell me I'm very gentle...but they might just be lying to be nice...eeekkk!! I'm not really sure what we're gonna do but I for sure want to take them to the Island and out for some real south texas mexican food!!

So I just have to get through the next few days of an 8 hour clinic day tomorrow, Paper due on friday and the Primary Presentation on Sunday!! I am also a little too excited for that to be over!! I love my calling but I'm so done with the primary presentation music and ready to start new songs!! Woot woot!!

Kay I'm off to bed!!

ps. I just re-read this post and I officially need an intervention on exclamation mark's a little over the top!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


today I don't have clinic till I should probably be productive and get some things done!

- Study for contemporary test
- Write my paper on Fragile X Syndrome
- Get all my visual aids together for the primary presentation
- Laundry
- Make poster board for nutrition presentation to Preschoolers

oh and I'm definitely soaking up some Vitamin D at the pool today! Hello 35 degrees!!

15 days till my MOMMA comes to TEXAS!!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

I'll admit it...

Okay I'm just gonna come out and say it, I secretly wish I could go back in time and be a high school cheer leader for some high school in TEXAS!! We went to a high school football game this friday and can I just say...FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS!!

I don't even totally understand the game but I LOOOVE It!! Such a sweet atmosphere!! The entire city of Harlingen shows up in red cardinal shirts to support their high school football team!!

Also I may or may not have enjoyed half time more than any other part of the 4 hours we sat on those awfully uncomfortable bleachers! But seriously I love texas highschool football, I wish we had that kind of school spirit at Ainlay!

Crazy half time show...Marching Band is a really BIG deal apparently!
The whole crew at the game!!


They're so patriotic, I love it!

On saturday we celebrated CANADIAN thanksgiving with all the canadian dental hygiene girls (and one boy...go matt!) We decided to make it a potluck type deal, so our contribution were delicious homemade rolls, and this green bean casserole dish that my mom was delightful!!

It was a success and I was sooo full!! Best part of the meal was by far Richelle's pumpkin cheesecake! I don't think I'll ever be able to eat pumpkin pie again after that!! It was just tooo good!!

Our Thanksgiving hostesses:) Janay, Richelle, and Jessie!

The delicious pumpkin cheesecake with cinnamon graham cracker crust and carmel sauce!! Yummmm:)

Go Canada!!

Waiting for Thanksgiving Dinner!!

Love these girls!!

All the second years! Couldn't have hand picked better girls to be living in TEXAS with!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's Up??

I have been meaning to BLOG lately and update the blog world on my life in the Lone Star State!
I CAN'T believe that I am in my fourth semester already!! I just booked my flights home for christmas break and realized that will be my LAST time flying back and forth from Edmonton to Harlingen! Eeeekkk can't wait!!

Welcome to Harlingen Becca!

Dropping my Aunt Julie off at the airport, Can't wait to see her again when she and my mom come down in a few weeks!

So what have I been up to you ask?? Well basically I've been doing ALOT of this...

Yep...that's my life! I'm in clinic half of my week, taking x-rays, charting, scaling, polishing, applying fluoride etc, teaching people that they need to brush more than twice a week (not a joke) and that floss is not just mint smelling string it's actually meant to clean your teeth!

Even with all the stress of clinic requirements, and classes we have managed to have some fun this semester! We went to the beach a couple Saturday's ago to soak up some Vitamin D!!
I love the ocean!!

We even went out to the Island last weekend for a Bonfire!! Driving on the beach was so fun! And swimming out in the ocean when it was pitch black out was even funner!! It was such a starry night out and the stars made the water glitter and shine, it reflected on our skin and made us look like vampires (twilight edition!) It was so cool!!

Me and Becca after a midnight swim in the ocean!

Cute sandy feet!! (like my toes? I couldn't pick one color so I chose 5!)

Me, Becca, Kaitlin, and Matt

Ociel, Jessica, Becki, Shad

More of the crew at the beach!

We also have some creatures that share our apartment with us...

This particular creature was not very welcomed as Kaitlin made known by grinding him into the carpet with a bottle of clorox bleach! We haven't seen any more of them since his apperance so I guess Kaitlin's theatrics warned the rest of his clan off!

But this little creature...
well he's a little more welcomed:)
Becca bought a cat almost a month ago, he's pretty cute...but I'm glad it sleeps/eats/does his business in her's aren't my fave. But who can resist a cuddly kitty with pretty green eyes and fluffy fur? I sure can't.

Well that's my update...and here's a few more pics:)

Classic car photo shoot opportunity!

A yummy sunday dinner...we really only try on sundays! This sunday we're having our very own Canadian thanksgiving dinner in Texas!! Can't wait!!

Love this girl! Wouldn't have made it through this last year without her!