Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today's the day!!

Today's the day!! the sun is shining!! The tank is clean!!!
(Finding Nemo anyone??)

I really feel like this suits my day today!! Today IS the day of the primary presentation!! The sun really IS shining!! And my apartment is CLEAN!!!

So my weekend went a little something like this... friday I was in class from 8:00Am to 3:00PM I forgot what that feels like since I haven't been in high school for a year now...and let me tell you, I don't miss it! That was exhausting! After class Kaitlin and I did some pilates...(my abs still hurt.) and then we watched a movie and lounged on the couch till about 7! Then we drove to Donna and went to a corn maze!

And I'm not gonna lie, I've never really loved corn mazes...reason being that the first 10 minutes are fun you're running through corn, everyone's laughing having a great time but after that it's just torture! Because all you want to do is...GET OUT! And then the next 45 minutes it takes to find the exit is just exhausting! But it was still fun and they had an entire texas fall festival going at the same time...too cute! I love fall!! Nothing beats fall colours! My perfect world would premanently be Texas fall!

So after that we sat at sonic and downed some lemon berry slushes, if you haven't experienced the wonder of a lemon berry slush I suggest you make that happen next time you're near a sonic;)

THEN saturday morning rolled around and we had to be up at 7: 30 to go volunteer at a housing community park! Yesterday was NATIONAL MAKE A DIFFERENCE DAY!! So if you didn't try to make a difference yesterday maybe try doing something this week! Go volunteer somewhere for a few hours, pick up trash or give will do more for you than the people you're serving!! So we painted a park, and a basketball court, and planted trees till Noon. It was cool to see so many people from the Harlingen community and TSTC come and help out for a good cause!

I took me a good hour to get yellow paint out of my hair, off my skin and out of my FAVE lulu shorts:( Then it was off to get some cupcake mix and go laminate stuff for primary!! (I loooove my calling but it has seriously taken over my saturday afternoons) Oh and the cupcakes are for my primary kids! I know they're gonna do great today! I'm probably going to cry when we sing our last gets me every time!

I spent the rest of the afternoon cleeeaaaning!! I LOVE to clean!! It's the ultimate therapy:)
and nothing makes me feel better than being in a freshly cleaned house...ahhh:)

Anyways this post is long already so I'll wrap up...we watched the first harry potter last night, we're trying to watch them all before the first installment of the 7th movie comes out!! Who else is as excited for that movie as I am?!?!??!

buuuttt...I fell asleep about 15 minutes in. So here I am, it's a BEAUTIFUL sunday morning!! And we're just about to head over to Matt's for sunday waffles!!! Yummm:)

After church today we're going to the's Sand Castle days...these sand castles are UNREAL!! I'll take pics and post them later!!!



  1. Sounds so fun! Love the posts Maryn!!!

  2. yay!!! maryn your life is so fun :) miss u

  3. This does sound like a way fun weekend... hope you have next one planned out to be even better!!!!