Monday, April 4, 2011

Come what may...

"Come what may and love it."

I love this quote by Elder Joseph B. Wirthlin so much! It is always such an amazing reminder of how I need to be living my life! Lately I have been feeling so overwhelmed and really just FED up with my life here in Texas. But I read this quote today in my journal and I couldn't help but feel an overwhelming feeling of calm as I thought this is only one small part of my life, and I'm experiencing such amazing things here and learning things that I other wise would have never learnt! I only have 3 more weeks here in Texas, and so instead of being sad and overwhelmed and feeling like giving up, I'm going to embrace my life and my friends here and I'm going to over look the obstacles in front of me (like passing my english class with the MOST difficult and arrogant teacher alive and passing clinic even with all odds stacked against me) and I'm going to LOVE it!!


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I never thought I'd say this...

I graduate in exactly 1 MONTH from today! I am so excited to be done school but I am feeling so sad to be leaving this place that I have called home for 2 years!! When I first got to Harlingen, Texas all I could think about was LEAVING Harlingen!! But I've grown to love it and the people who have made me feel so at home here! It's going to be very bitter sweet when I leave this place in a month :(

Last week was our spring break and Kaitlin and I wrote the American National Board Exam in San Antonio on the monday of spring break! It was a doozy!! It took us 3 hours in the morning to do Part A and 3 hours in the afternoon to do Part B. We were the first girls to write it in our class and we were glad to have it done with so we could enjoy the rest of our spring break! Now we just have to write the Canadian Board Exam in a few months and we will be Registered Dental Hygienists!!! Too weird!! I can honestly say I have never studied so much in my entire life than I did for that test! My mind was crammed to maximum capacity with Anatomy and Physiology, Radiology, Immunology, Pharmacology, Periodontology, yaddi get the picture. I'm just glad it's over!

After our exam was over Becca and Mat met us in SA to celebrate on the River Walk! We had an awesome dinner and then went for a boat ride on the river!

The next day we headed to SEA WORLD!! It was so fun! We went on lots of fun roller coasters and saw 3 amazing shows and saw lots of animals...pretty much a perfect day in my books!

Here are some pics of our San An trip! I just LOVE this city, I could live there any day!

Yes that's a baby killer whale!! Her name is Sakari and that's her momma with her! The trainers told us that some shows the baby decides to follow her mom and do all her tricks!! Lucky us she decided to make an appearance! I'm in love!

Later Days!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still here!!!

I am still alive...just not so alive in the blogging world!!
I have had NO time for any blogging this semester:( and truthfully I should not be blogging right now...I should be studying for my national board exam which is in a mere 3 big deal. It's only a 6 hour test on every ounce of information i've learned so far...should be a piece of cake right?? AHHH!! No it is not gonna be a piece of cake!!!
I am sooo sick of studying already and I've hardly made a dent!!
Today I think I'm going to tackle the following:

-Pharmacology...kill me, as if that whole class wasn't brutal enough.
- Dental Materials - I'm not going to be a dentist so why I have to know the materials and procedure of a root canal is beyond me!
- Histology - don't even remember what that class was about.
- Radiology - ew.

anywhoo that's my to do list. wish me luck!
Oh and I also have been sans (french for without) car for a week and a half now. We really need groceries :( I wish the dumb mechanics would hurry that process along...a girl needs a car to get things done!!

P.S. amidst all the studying that I am supposed to be doing we have ... gone on an amazing beach horseback ride, had a Lord of The Rings Trilogy Marathon (extended edition), watched an entire season of 24, done lots of hot tubbing, been slaughtered at our serious strength work out class 4x a week, listened to the prophet speak to Texas at a regional stake conference broadcast, went to Cirque Du Soleil (nothing short of AMAZING), got in a minor car accident, had a birthday weekend for Kaitlin, went glow bowling, watched walter the Cat do things that only a dog should be able to do (fetch and catch paper balls in his mouth 3 feet in the air!), went for a sunday stroll/throw a football around and never catch it on the beach, write lots of dumb essays and papers for my english and speech class (why did I leave those classes till the last semester??) and of course lots and LOTS of clinic!!


Thursday, January 6, 2011

True Story

So I have been suffering from the classic winter cold for the past few all know the drill!! The sore throat, no voice, plugged/runny nose, headache, ear ache, just achyness in general really! But today I woke up with minor symptoms so I decided to be brave and accompany my mother to go work out! I shocked me too!! I really just needed to get up and get going!

So I found some work out clothes and then dug through the hundreds of shoes on the garage landing to find my runners that have been sitting there unused for months!!
Needless to say I found them and we were off! So there I was putting on my shoes in the change room and I only had one foot in the shoe when I realized there was, what I thought to be tiny rocks in my shoe or I took of my shoe and emptied it out!
What emptied out of my shoe shocked my mother and at first confused me!! It was not tiny rocks, or was mouse poo!!! Gross I know!!

For those of you who spend a lot of time around me know that I am a total animal SUCK!! So a normal person probably would have freaked out after finding mice have been using your shoe as a home, I couldn't help what came out of my mouth next, it went something like this..."Awe well at least they had somewhere warm and cozy to sleep!"

For the record I did wash my hands very thoroughly 3 times right after this incident, but I still find it heartwarming that some little mouse found a little home in my shoe for the past few months.

Call me crazy!


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Break Update!!

I have been home from Texas for 25 days now and I have been lovin' every minute of it!! I have a few more days at home until I fly back to Texas for the LAST time!!! How did that happen?!?

My christmas was fantastic, I just love the whole season!! My mom and I spent the ENTIRE day yesterday taking everything christmas down:( Now our house feels so empty...kinda sad! But there's always next year!!! And I spent New Years in Waterton with some of my favorite people in the world! So no complaints there!!

But in the meantime I have spent a lot of time at home with my fam and I have even managed to get in some quality time with friends I haven't seen in months!!

I love listening to these three collaborate and make beautiful music together!! This particular picture was taken while they were playing Enchanted by T-Swift!! They're pretty good!!

It's been 29 degrees in Texas pretty much daily...but I love this wintery snow globe we live in!! Maybe I'll feel differently next year when I don't get to escape back to sunny Texas after a month of Canadian winter! But for now...I just LOVE it!!

Heading out to get a christmas tree!!

We found the most beautiful one!!

Sam strikin' a pose

Jules decorating the tree!!

I've taken this fat dog on a few walks...she really needs them!! She is soo fat!! She was looking so good this summer, but she really let the christmas holiday garbage get to her this year (Literally! She ate an entire gingerbread house that had been thrown out!!)

Mid walk photoshoot

I hung out with this little man a lot:) He's probably the funniest person I know so why wouldn't I??

We made gingerbread houses!!

(Ours was better)

I played a lot of Candy's only fair that we have our turn of playing this game with Sam because I know we made our mom play her fair share of candy land with us when we were little!!

We lost everytime :(

And we made and decorated sugar cookies!!

I don't even like sugar cookies! But they are fun to decorate!!

Then christmas eve came along and we ate yummy food!!

Max is just so smily in this pic! I like it:)

Max was playing one night and I loved the sound of the chords so I just jumped right in with my own little duet part...we have quite the little arrangement coming along now!! When it's done I'll try to record it and put it up here!

My mom spent all christmas eve getting everything ready and preparing a seafood feast!! Then we had a family from our ward over for dinner on christmas day so she spent all christmas day afternoon cooking a huge turkey dinner!! Love ya!!

Shaina eats, sleeps, and breathes the Boston Celtics!! So her day was made when she got some celtics apparel for christmas!!

How cute is this picture!? His one big request for christmas this year was a jack in the box...?? So random!! I love this perfect surprised look when it popped out at him!


Haven't played this game yet...but it's supposed to be fun!

Dallin in his new suit coat and PJ's...pretty spiffy!

My mom and dad both got pens in their stockings for christmas!! Don't get tooo excited!! haha

There were two little ornament type things hanging on the tree for Julie and I! And you could unscrew it and open them up and inside was a little slip of paper rolled up, that read....

YAAAAY!!! Can't wait!!!!

After all the christmas morning excitement Harley and I took a nap :)

Heading to church with the whole clan on Boxing Day!!

It's been an awesome few weeks...and I never want it to end!! But at the same time I'm eager to get back to that I can be DONE!!! And home for GOOD!!!