Thursday, February 17, 2011

Still here!!!

I am still alive...just not so alive in the blogging world!!
I have had NO time for any blogging this semester:( and truthfully I should not be blogging right now...I should be studying for my national board exam which is in a mere 3 big deal. It's only a 6 hour test on every ounce of information i've learned so far...should be a piece of cake right?? AHHH!! No it is not gonna be a piece of cake!!!
I am sooo sick of studying already and I've hardly made a dent!!
Today I think I'm going to tackle the following:

-Pharmacology...kill me, as if that whole class wasn't brutal enough.
- Dental Materials - I'm not going to be a dentist so why I have to know the materials and procedure of a root canal is beyond me!
- Histology - don't even remember what that class was about.
- Radiology - ew.

anywhoo that's my to do list. wish me luck!
Oh and I also have been sans (french for without) car for a week and a half now. We really need groceries :( I wish the dumb mechanics would hurry that process along...a girl needs a car to get things done!!

P.S. amidst all the studying that I am supposed to be doing we have ... gone on an amazing beach horseback ride, had a Lord of The Rings Trilogy Marathon (extended edition), watched an entire season of 24, done lots of hot tubbing, been slaughtered at our serious strength work out class 4x a week, listened to the prophet speak to Texas at a regional stake conference broadcast, went to Cirque Du Soleil (nothing short of AMAZING), got in a minor car accident, had a birthday weekend for Kaitlin, went glow bowling, watched walter the Cat do things that only a dog should be able to do (fetch and catch paper balls in his mouth 3 feet in the air!), went for a sunday stroll/throw a football around and never catch it on the beach, write lots of dumb essays and papers for my english and speech class (why did I leave those classes till the last semester??) and of course lots and LOTS of clinic!!


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