Tuesday, October 19, 2010

531240 seconds...


You may or may not already know this by my frequent (probably annoying) facebook status updates that my MOM is coming to visit me in ONE WEEK or 531240 seconds!!!

I am sooo excited for her to come down!! She is coming with my Aunt Julie and they are going to stay a few days so they can both be patients in clinic for me!! Yay!!! I'm actually kind of nervous to clean my mom's teeth! Like what if I hurt her?? My patients tell me I'm very gentle...but they might just be lying to be nice...eeekkk!! I'm not really sure what we're gonna do but I for sure want to take them to the Island and out for some real south texas mexican food!!

So I just have to get through the next few days of an 8 hour clinic day tomorrow, Paper due on friday and the Primary Presentation on Sunday!! I am also a little too excited for that to be over!! I love my calling but I'm so done with the primary presentation music and ready to start new songs!! Woot woot!!

Kay I'm off to bed!!

ps. I just re-read this post and I officially need an intervention on exclamation mark usage...it's a little over the top!

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