Monday, March 8, 2010

Just a few perks:)

Somedays I really wonder what I've gotten myself into being a Dental Hygiene student!! After a day in clinic of vigorously scraping crap off peoples teeth you have to wonder why anyone likes this job! But after every patient I learn a little more and somedays I feel like Im actually starting to get it and other days I think I'm back at square one!! But tonight shannon was complaining of some sensitivity around her premolar we whipped out some fluoride varnish and got to work on those sensitive spots! And let me tell you that stuff works like magic! So yes some perks of being a dental hygiene student is we are never short of free samples of Crest Pro Health tooth brushes, tooth paste, mouth rinse, floss, fluoride and polish!!

It would be alot easier to clean people's teeth if they could all lay on my lap like this! I wish!!

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  1. I like your back ground! i can't get my Valentine one off! I've tried everything!!