Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Day 3 - My FamJam

This post is about my siblings and parents!! AKA My favorite people in this entire WORLD!! I better cut to the chase and get started since I have 6 siblings and 2 parents to talk about and I need to try to keep this post short enough for people to still want to read it!!

My Dad aka Dr. Mark
Good luck trying to find a picture of my dad on my computer!! Pretty much impossible! But I found this one of him on my grad day a year ago. I love my Dad to bits and pieces!! He is THE busiest Dad I know of!! He is the bishop of my ward at home, a very busy pediatrician and of course a Dad to 7 kids! My dad is a very compassionate person, he is first to see when someone is in need of a helping hand. He is also very funny and sarcastic and loves to tease the people he loves! I love my dad for his calming attitude when I am sad, upset or scared...just talking to him put's my worries at ease! As you can see my Dad has to be in a million places at once so you don't see a ton of him at my house but he still finds the time to make sure we all know he loves us, and I love him for that!!

Mom aka KD
How pretty is my mom?!?

I looove this pic of my Mom and Sam! It's a little too precious!

We call my mom KD or mom, or some people in our house enjoy screaming MOOOTHER at her (for some reason she puts up with it) I would really need an entire novel to tell you all the things about my mom, but I'll try to keep it short and to the point. I've been blessed with a FABULOUS relationship with my mom! I can tell her everything...and I do, she listens and does not judge and gives really good advice! Not just the "oh I'm so sorry" type of advice, she has solutions to every problem! She is so caring and compassionate and patient!! I love her go with the flow attitude!! She never half does anything! She has amazing taste and knows how to make anything beautiful! I love my beautiful mom and everything she does for our family!! I seriously hope to be just like her one day!!

Russell. I don't really know what to say about Russell. He's kind of unexplainable. I can honestly say I have NEVER seen Russell lose his cool, he is the essence of chill. He can get pretty out of control and knows how to push everyones buttons! But he gets away with it because he makes you laugh while doing it! Russell is seriously gifted when it comes to art, it blows my mind the stuff he can come up with! Yeah okay, I'm out of things to's just Russell...he's a goof. nough said.

I just love this pic of my bros :)

Again, kind of not someone I can explain in words. You just have to meet him! He has a mind of his own and thinks like no one else on this planet! He's secretly a pretty sensitive guy! And I'm a pretty sensitive girl...we're kindred spirits:) I've always been close with Max. He is funny without trying to be and loves being home more than anything!!

Julie aka Jewelz
Julie is a total babe!! As you can see from this pic of her, she's got killer style!! She's a super crafty creative little thang! She's already got natural home maker skills...and I am seriously lacking! Julie is HILARIOUS and has got some serious rapping skills:) Julie has been through a lot in the past year, and it has amazed me how confident and strong she has been through it all! Love this girl!

Shaina Lee
Shai is such a cutie!! She is the only girl athlete in our family! She has unreal long hair that I love and gets "dressed" in really cute outfits but if it's up to her she likes to rock sweats and a hoodie! Shaina can have some serious spunk, but is really a sweetheart and as the baby girl in our family can get away with a lot more than I ever did! Shai is already such a good little babysitter to Dallin and Sam and never forgets to give my parents a hug before she goes to bed every night!

Oh Dallin, what a character!! Dallin can make anyone laugh! He is honestly soo funny and so good at voice impressions and quoting funny lines!! (which is major part of Davidson humor, so if you can't quote funny stuff, you're probably not very funny) Dallin is such a good brother to Sam, especially since he is Sam's idol!! Dallin puts up with the copy cat little brother syndrome so well! I know I wasn't that good at it!

Okay I had the hardest time picking a picture for this little boy, because seriously he's so stinkin' cute in every picture! I love Sam to peices...he's my baby brother...but he's not even a baby anymore...he's 6!! When I first found out that Sam was going to join our family I was immature and selfish and thought "seriously, another baby?! Dallin just stopped being a baby!" And now looking back, I'm sad that I ever could have thought that about him, because he has brought soo much happiness to our family! I love being with Sam, he makes me laugh and when he cries, I usually cry too. Sam loves to do ANYTHING Dallin does, he loves to be with my mom and run errands (or earrings as he calls them) with her, and more than anything Sam loooves JUNK food!! And knows exactly how to get it!

Okay this is wayy to long and it took me wayyy too long to write it! I love my family and after this post I'm even more homesick and can't wait to go home in 22 days!!


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