Monday, November 15, 2010

Day 2 - STRESSFUL!!!

Who's idea was it to have a post about something stresses me out!! I really prefer to not talk about things that stress me out...because if I talk about it...I get stressed!! haha
But as many of you could guess, the DENTAL HYGIENE program is the main stress factor in my life! I am in an accelerated dental hygiene program. So for 18 months we are eating, sleeping and breathing hygiene!! Although it's definitely a LOT to take on, I know it will be worth it, when I am all done in April!!

To be honest, school itself really doesn't stress me out all that much. I don't consider myself to be very easily stressed in general, I'm a go with the flow type of girl in pretty much all situations! So yes I get nervous before big tests and I usually get a few butterflies before presenting in front of a class, but mostly I just like to downplay any type of potentially stressful situation and just roll with it! BUT that being said, I have in fact found an aspect of my life in Texas that truly STRESSES me out!! That is the always frustrating, stressful, and exhausting task of finding PATIENTS!!!

Every semester we are given a certain patient requirement number. This semester we needed 14 patients to pass. And there are certain requirements that at least one of those patients need to meet in order to pass. So we all try our best to find random patients to come in and sit in our chair and pray and hope and cross our fingers that they will meet the requirements!! So as you can see my ability to pass every single semester is complete luck of the draw!! And let me tell you, I am not a very lucky gal! My first semester I BARELY skimmed by and finished my patient requirements the LAST few hours of clinic and last semester I didn't finish my requirements, so I was given 2 weeks when I came back this semester to finish up all my requirements and luckily I finished!! Pheww!!!

So clinic really does stress me out! As many of you know stress is the number 1 reason people get sick!! And I can honestly say I have been sick more this past year and 3 months than I have been in my ENTIRE life. I chalk that fact up to my stress level being consistently wayyy too high!! Thanks for that Clinic!! I'm glad I have great friends and family who have helped me through this past year of stressful clinic times!!


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  1. Your dad's attempt to be anonymous didn't work. It was totally him. Want to come to girl's camp?? I'm director and Julie is my helper??
    I can't believe you have to find your own patients. That sucks.