Saturday, November 27, 2010

Day 14 - Pictures I L.O.V.E

I have some great girl friends from high school, and this exact group of girls still get together every time I'm home to catch up and stay in touch! They're a blast to be around!!

You guessed it my Fam!! But I really love this pic because I remember it being soo funny when the photographer was trying to arrange us in positions...we were all like "hold Russell's waist??" and "put my arm where??" Makes me laugh still just thinking about it!

My mom is incredibly skilled at making things beautiful!! I love watching her in the process of making something, you can almost see her creative gears turning in her head!! But I also love the end product! Our house is filled with beautiful things any time of the season, but I really love summertime and the beautiful flower arrangements she makes! When she plants these flowers they're just little and don't even fill up the space, but somehow she knows that it will all work together and turn into this masterpiece!! Love it!

Piano+Harley = Nap
Harley loooves listening to the piano, which is good because it is always being played at my house between the 8 people that play it!! I love listening to my Dad play the piano...he's very good!! I think this picture is so calming it makes me want to lay down beside Har and take a nap with her!

This is what we do when we get together with our cousins...we LAUGH!! I love laughing, even when it hurts!!


I love our pet beagle, she's such a cutie! I love this picture of her and pretty much all pictures of her!

I walked by this little graffiti in our house this past summer and burst into laughter...just a tiny 3 letter word that I love!! I love that you wrote this on the wall Sam, and I really hope mom hasn't scrubbed it off!!

Texas Sunsets
This picture doesn't do Texas sunsets justice!! They are amazing, seriously every time!!

Being at the Cabin
Ahh the memories go on and on!! Every summer we spend a week or so at echo at our cousin's cabin...I love it there!! I love the people there too!!

The roomate situation this semester is a little too ideal haha Cousin and Kaitlin:) Perfect!!

KD and Me:)
I love that my mom came to visit me this semester!! I also love the yep I love this picture!!


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