Saturday, November 20, 2010

Day 7!!


Okay umm I LOVE movies!! Haha I'm not picky!! And I don't ever go into a movie with I'm always entertained!!

I could seriously name hundreds of movies I love...but I'll go with a top NO specific order:)

1. Harry Potter...all of them!! Just saw the 7th (1st part) last night, and I was blown away!! Such a FABULOUS movie!!

2. Ghost the actor in this movie! He is HILARIOUS!!

3. Disney Movies!! Again, ALL OF THEM!! But a few top favorites are Lion King, Fox and the Hound, and Aladin:)

4. The Prestige...this movie BLOWS MY MIND everytime! Literally, I've seen it multiple times, and I never remember how he does it!! Genius!!

5. Baby Mama...I've seen this movie 1000 times and I die of laughter every time!!

6. Elf...nough said.

7. Marry Poppins...I can vividly remember making my mom watch this movie with me over and over again!! Love it!

8. My makes me cry ever's a good reminder to hug the ones you love a little tighter.

9. Lord of The Rings...nothing better than watching the entire trilogy in one sitting!!

10. The Earth documentaries...there are so many of them out there these days, I love allll of them!! Any nature documentary!! It reminds me how much there is out there, and how beautiful this earth is and everything that lives on it!


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