Friday, November 26, 2010

Day 13-Goals

Some of my goals and dreams:

Graduate from my Dental Hygiene Program!! And get a job as a RDH...and pay off my debt!! (gosh that's gonna feel good!!)
This is my hygiene class!! We're a pretty tight bunch!!

The Krka National Park Water Falls in Croatia...yeah I'm sooo going here one day!!

Adopt a puppy from a humane animal shelter
I go on the HART website all the time and look at the puppies that need to be adopted! Breaks my heart...look at this sweetheart! Can't wait to give one a home one day!

Volunteer in a 3rd world country
I seriously can't wait to do this after I've graduated!! Who's coming with me???

Buy a sewing machine...and make more quilts
I made this quilt for my Dad last christmas out of suit jacket samples and my Grandma's awesome collection of vintage buttons!! I've only made 1 other quilt but I loved making both of these and can't wait to start another one!! Such a therapeutic activity...and addicting!!

Learn to love to cook!
yeaaahhh....first and only attempt at making banana bread:)
I'm gonna try it again one of these days!

Run a marathon...or a half:)
this really is more of a dream than a goal...I seriously die on a 5km!!

Go somewhere, where I can immerse myself in the french language!
I love the french language, and miss being able to talk to people in french! I'd love to go somewhere like Paris and soak up the french lifestyle:)

These next two goals are more long term, definitely a few years off:)

Get married in the temple!!
Ahh the Hawaiian Temple...I'm so down with eloping to this temple one day, as long as my family comes along:)

Have a family...just like mine:)
I love my family, and can't imagine not having 6 siblings!! I want that for my future family too!!!


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