Thursday, December 2, 2010

Last Day of Clinic!!

Wooot wooot!! Today was my last day of Clinic for this semester!!
I am done clinic 3 people!! I have one more semester of clinic and then I'm done for good...could time be going any faster?!?

Today in Clinic, I finished my hard patient...only took me 5 appointments...but it felt good to finish him! and looking at his before and after pics make me proud haha such a difference!!
Gotta love what dental hygiene will do to you:)

Exactly 1 week from today I will be HOME!! I am sooo excited, this will be the last time I fly home from Harlingen...WIERD!! Kaitlin and I will be driving home at the end of next semester...what's up road trip!! Should be interesting!

Well that's my update for now...finals are next week so I should spend the weekend studying!! laaaame!!


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