Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the FINAL countdown!!

Dun dun duun duuun....dun dun dun dun dun...
Seriously the final countdown has been playing in my head all week!! Kaitlin and I most definitely sang it for the 15 minutes leading up to our FINAL exam of the semester this morning!! Our last exam was our pathology final, and I thought it was going to be brutal...but it wasn' was easy!! I love it when that happens!! YAY!!!
So after a week of finals and studying I am DONE!!! I am officially done 4 out of 5 semesters!!! CRAZY!!! Only 1 more semester to go!!!

I'm trying to waste time until 4 AM rolls around so I can go to the airport and get on a flight home!! Eeeekk!! So I thought I would post an update of the past week!!

So besides studying, and finishing up last minute projects and such we did manage to have some fun this last week!! I'll highlight them for y'all:)

Kaitlin aka Miss TSTC was in the Annual Harlingen Christmas Parade!! They do their parade here at night and all the floats are lit up with christmas lights!! It's very pretty! Kaitlin spent the afternoon getting all gussied up and queenly :)

In the process of getting ready she stepped on a peice of glass...youch!! It was a minor set back.

That crown is soooo huge and heavy!!!

Me and the Queen :)

Here she is riding in her sweet ride with Mr. TSTC!!
People in the crowds honestly thought that Kaitlin was Taylor Swift!! They were screaming for pictures with her!! TAYLORRR!!!! TAYLORRR!!!! WE LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!! I NEED A PICTURE!!!
And the little kids loooved her!! It was a fun night...the parade was verryyyy long but worth it to
get a glimpse of T-Swift ;)

The next day we spent the afternoon decorating Gingerbread Houses!! It was soo fun!!

Our Mini Gingerbread House Village!!

The Q's perfect little house :)

Becca and Matt made a Gingerbread Prison...I don't think there is a need for a prison in the North Pole...just too happy of a place for a prison!
Kaitlin and I made Santa's hut and the Grinch's house!!

17 hours till I land in Edmonton!!! Can't wait!!!!

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